Baxter Flo-Gard 6301 IV Pump

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  • Dual channel Baxter Flo-Gard 6301 IV Pump (Functions as 2 - 6201's in a single unit) with independent controls
  • Programmed Delivery Profile allows up to 10 steps, individualizing control of infusion ramping and tapering
  • Incremental Flow Rate can deliver 1-1999 mL/hr; volume range 1 - 9999 mL
  • Primary program for each pump: 1.0-99.9 mL/hr in 0.1 mL/hr increments or 1-1999 mL/hr in 1 mL/hr increments
  • Secondary program: 1.0-99.9 mL/hr in 0.1 mL increments or 1-999 mL/hr in 1 mL increments
  • 13"W x 5 "D x 11"H , 18lbs
  • Automatic Restart once occlusion clears
  • Automatic Piggybacking of secondary medications
  • Flow Check Occlusion Alarm offers an in-line resistance display of incremental back pressure
  • Slide Clamp option offers an additional step to protect against inadvertent gravity free flow
  • Flow Rate Calculation is automatic after volume and time are selected
  • Front Panel Lock-out protects against tampering
  • User-adjustable occlusion pressures
  • New rechargeable batteries
  • Operator's Manual included
  • Service and repair available in apexx's Repair Center
  • Baxter iv tubing sets recommended
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