cardiofaxVET EKG for Dogs & Cats - Interpretive

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  • All digital Multi-channel Interpretive electrocardiograph incorporates a large waveform display and recorder in a compact and lightweight package
  • Storage is via SD card. 3,000 ECGs can stored on a single card
  • Communication is via USB or wireless LAN
  • The Animal ECG Software is designed for most mammals with ECG analysis for dogs and cats
  • Clip electrodes for animals are included
  • Display presents all traces clearly. You can view all leads simultaneously on a 320 x 240 color LCD screen
  • The analysis program, specially developed for dogs and cats, provides simultaneous 6-lead ECG acquisition and analysis with 56 findings and 4 judgment categories. 1 or 3 channel rhythm recording also available
  • Easy operation. Just press the buttons to change settings such as type, size, and body position
  • You can check the stability of waveforms by the display before recording with the built-in thermal array recorder which prints automatic grid
  • Compact, weighs <5 lbs. for portability and space savings
  • Operates on AC and DC
  • Includes two rolls of paper
  • Optional: Additional paper, 10 packs/case. (Each pack yields approximately 20 patients)