Ellman Surgitron ESU

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  • Frequency: 3.8MHz
  • Power Output: 140 Watts
  • Power control: 0 - 9 intensity
  • Features Fulgurate, Bipolar Coag (wet/dry), Epilation and Telangiectasis
  • Waveforms:
    1. Fully Filtered Waveform - maximum, micro-smooth cutting (Little, if any, lateral tissue damage. Ideal for initial skin incision and obtaining biopsy specimens. Best cosmetic result. Fastest healing)
    2. Fully Rectified Waveform - equal amounts of cutting an doagulation (Ideal for subcutaneous tissue dissection and planing of soft tissue. Especially useful in vascular areas while maintaining minimal amounts of lateral heat and tissue damage. Superior healing and cosmetic results)
    3. Partially Rectified Waveform - direct and indirect hemostatis techniques (No charring or nectrotic tissue reducing healing time. Waveform can perform both monopolar and bipolar coagulation)
    4. Fulguration - spark-generated current (Produces maximum char and necrosis and high lateral heat for maximum hemostasis. Ideal for intentional destruction of diseased tissue)
  • Includes: Handpiece, Indifferent plate, Footswitch and set of Electrodes
  • Optional: Smoke Evacuator
  • Optional: Fingerswitch Control