Image-Vet 4G Veterinary Intraoral Dental X-Ray System - Mobile

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  • New smooth, stable and ergonomic design
  • Superior image quality
  • Stable arm reach. An independent spring system distributes weight evenly so that the tubehead can be easily positioned and is stable for all procedures
  • 70kV / 8mA microprocessor controlled intraoral X-ray
  • Hand-held exposure switch allows precision radiographs. The coil cord, (extendable to 10 ft/3m), is crafted to retain its shape and withstand years of rugged use
  • Last setting for a patient is retained in memory for subsequent images
  • Compatible with all Digital Dental Imaging Systems
  • The easy-to-use timer has a wide exposure range for precise exposure settings
  • Also available in wall-mount model
  "We were able to significantly increase our revenue after obtaining our EVA Vet digital dental x-ray system. It has paid for itself within one year. My clients can see the added value in dentistry when we show them the dental x-rays from our EVA Vet system. They are always impressed and it makes selling veterinary dentistry much easier." - Dr. Les McCurdy, Harvest Hills Veterinary Clinic, Calgary, AB An ImageWorks Veterinary Installation Coordinator will contact you to coordinate the assembly and/or installation of your Image-Vet X-Ray by an authorized installer.