LW C5 Veterinary Centrifuge

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Veterinary Centrifuge

Ideal to process:

  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Fecal
  • Microhematocrit (with optional MHCT Carrier) 
    • Whisper quiet!
    • Smooth acceleration enables you to run fecals with cover slips in place
    • Straight-line separation for accurate processing
    • Reduces high potassium results
    • Tighter gel line reduces re-mixing
    • Platelet-Poor-Plasma in minutes
    • 500-5000 rpm programmable speed
    • G-forces up to 4000g
    • 8-Place swinging (horizontal) head rotor with tube shields and bumpers
    • Four character digital display with touch pad controls
    • 1-60 minute programmable timer
    • Wide mouth metal bowl for easy clean-up
    • Brushless DC Motor
    • Zero-RPM Safety Interlocking metal lid
    • Footprint: 18"D x 16"W x 13"H
    • Optional: MHCT Carrier
    • Optional: 50mL Tube Rotor and Tube Shields