Nonin 9847V Digital Handheld CO2 / Pulse Oximeter

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  • Veterinary-specific software / Veterinary-specific sensors
  • Evaluates esophageal intubation, alerts to airway obstruction, earliest indicator of cardiac arrest and/or circuit disconnect
  • Pulse Rate Range: 18 - 450 BPM
  • Respiration Rate Range: 1 - 60 Breaths/minute
  • Semi-quantitative EtCO2 detection using mainstream sampling method
  • Alarm System: Audible and Visual for Hi/Lo Pulse rate, SpO2, Apnea and Low battery
  • Bright LED displays for Pulse Rate & SpO2; Bar graph CO2. Tri-color LED for perfusion signal quality
  • Audible "breath beep" w/adjustable tone and variable pitch
  • Enhanced sensitivity to low perfusion signals
  • Efficient: 6-AA batteries typically provide 20 hours of monitoring both CO2 and SpO2; 90 hours SpO2 only
  • Monitor includes: One (1) 2000SL Lingual Clip Sensor; one (1) NEW 9840SA CO2 Sensor ($250 Value); one (1) Airway Adapter Tube; & 6-AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Optional: Box of 12 Airway Adapter Tubes
  • Optional: Sensors: 2000T - Transflectance Sensor, 2000SA Small Animal Wrap Sensor
  • Optional: Carrying Case or Soft Rubber Boot