Scil Vet Focus 5 Hematology Analyzer

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  • This unit is for sale from a Veterinarian under apexx's Consignment Program
  • 5-Part Differential / 18 parameters (including platelets)
  • Accurately diagnose Viral, Bacterial and Parasitic infections with definitive Basophil, Eosinophil and Neutrophil results
  • Eliminates platelet clumping common in feline samples (with 3-Part Diff instruments) and the tech time and reagent costs involved with repeating those samples
  • Self Cleaning / Auto Probe Wipe
  • Fast Results: 26 samples per hour
  • $1.00 / test
  • Optional: FS-Pak Reagents pack provides even more cost-effective operation for high volume users
  • Includes: Data cable, Printer, Tubing, Reference Control, Operators Manual