Sentinel-V 3020 Veterinary Vital Signs Monitor from Leading Edge

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  • The Ultrabright 8.4” display is viewable from any angle, providing clear view of waveforms and full monitoring parameters
  • ECG / Sp02 / NIBP / Resp / Temp / Printer (EtCO2 optional, see below)
  • Designed to monitor all sizes and types of animals, exotics to equine
  • Includes 3-lead ECG Lead Cable and Clips, Y-Clip Lingual Sensor, (Temperature probe optional, see below) and assortment of durable custom cuffs. Assortment of five (5) cuff sizes covering limb circumferences of 3cm - 17cm:
  • Size 1: 3cm-6cm
  • Size 2: 5cm-8cm
  • Size 3: 7cm-10cm
  • Size 4: 9cm-13cm
  • Size 5: 12cm-17cm
  • Nellcor OxiMax SpO2 standard
  • OxyCRG: Displays the interactive relation between HR, Resp and Oxygen, convenient for observation of clinical changes in smaller patients
  • Li-ion battery provides 4 hours of operating time
  • USB port for data transfer
  • HRV, Arrhythmia analysis and S-T segment analysis
  • Up to 9 waveforms on one screen
  • 120-hour graphic and tabular trends of all parameters
  • BPM 20-320
  • Resistant to high-frequency interference
  • Built-in recorder and rechargeable battery
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Weighs < 8 lbs.
  • Optional: Mainstream EtCO2 Sensor
  • Optional: Temperature Probe
  • Optional: Esophageal Probes: Large; Small; Extra small Warranty: 6 Months
  • Optional: Mobile Stand 
  • Optional: IV Pole Clamp 
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  • Includes FREE overview and operational start-up (by telephone, 1 hour) from a Leading Edge technician
  • Optional: On-site Clinical Training by a Leading Edge technician (ask for pricing)