Sentinel-V 3025i Veterinary Vital Signs Monitor from Leading Edge (DEMO)

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Does more. Costs less. The Leading Edge Sentinel-V 3025i Veterinary Vital Signs Monitor features veterinary specific algorithms, Nellcor OxiMax SpO2 technology and first in industry OxyCRG and Adap-DSP™, providing advanced diagnostic information for all sizes and types of animals, exotics to equine. A monitor so advanced, so easy to use, you won't need an operator's manual. Provides more features and flexibility than Cardell, Midmark or Surgivet multi-parameter monitors, at a lower price. 
  • 8.4" Touch Screen makes patient set up faster and easier and is viewable from any angle
  • ECG / HR / SpO2 / NIBP / Resp / Temp / EtCO2 / Printer (Temp + EtCO2 sensors optional)
  • Intuitive software with logical menus and navigation
  • Adap-DSP™, patented filter algorithm, combines quicker deflation times with adaptive signal processing to deliver more precise NIBP measurements
  • OxyCRG displays the interactive relation between HR, Resp and Oxygen, providing additional diagnostic information in the observation of clinical changes in smaller patients
  • Nellcor SatSeconds reduces "nuisance alarms"
  • Nellcor OxiMax SpO2
  • Display Freeze and ECG Rewind
  • Patient Data Capability (name, sex, weight, type)Includes 3-lead ECG Lead Cable and Clips, Y-Clip Lingual Sensor, (Temperature probe optional, see below) and assortment of durable custom cuffs. Assortment of five (5) cuff sizes covering limb circumferences of 3cm - 17cm:
    • Size 1: 3cm-6cm
    • Size 2: 5cm-8cm
    • Size 3: 7cm-10cm
    • Size 4: 9cm-13cm
    • Size 5: 12cm-17cm
  •  Li-ion battery provides 4 hours of operating time
  • BPM 20-320
  • Up to 7 waveforms on one screen
  • Compact and light
  • USB port for downloading patient data
  • Integrated 3-channel graphical printer, standard
  • Resistant to high-frequency interference
  • Operators Manual included
  • Optional: Mainstream EtCO2 Sensor
  • Optional: C-Clip SpO2 Sensor
  • Optional: Transflectance Sensor
  • Optional: Flex Wrap SpO2 Sensor
  • Optional: Temperature Probe 
  • Optional: Mobile Stand 
  • Optional: IV Pole Clamp 
  • Learn more at
  • When placing your order, ask about scheduling an Operational Overview, covering the monitor and software (remote, 1 hour) ( $150 )
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