Summit Hill Laboratories Vetroson Polisher

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  • SAVE 25% vs. NEW
  • Model: VUA5000
  • Features a lightweight 5", 20,000RPM variable-speed micro motor handpiece
  • A compact control unit that delivers more power than necessary for polishing teeth
  • Includes: Micro motor handpiece, Snap-on prophy angle, Lubricating solution, Starter kit of snap-on polishing cups & paste, Operators Manual
  • Optional: Trauma Kit. The Trauma Kit consists of a latch type contra angle for holding the #2, #4, #6, & #8 round burs for cleaning out existing cavities, a #33 1/2 & #35 inverted cone for shaping bur-cleaned cavities, a diamond cylinder for reshaping broken teeth, an 18mm x .45 single-sided diamond disc for cutting or sectioning, and a bur block and bur tray for cleaning burs ( $189 )