Summit Hill Laboratories VETROSON V-10 ESU

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  • SAVE over 30% vs. NEW
  • Bi-Polar Electrosurgery
  • Because it is 100% solid state, the V-10 is ready the second it is turned on
  • Featuring special low-impedance circuitry automatically adjusting the power to compensate for tissue variations at the operative site
  • Both the Surgery and Coagulation Hand pieces are activated by foot pedal
  • Electrodes, ground plate, and cord may be autoclaved
  • Four treatment modes:
    1. "Normal" or Fully Rectified
    2. "Fine" or Filtered Fully Rectified
    3. "Coagulation" or Partially Rectified
    4. "Spark" or Fulguration
  • Includes: Patient ground plate, Electrodes, Surgery and Coagulation handpieces, Foot pedal, Power cord & Operators manual