Summit Hill Vetroson Millennium 25/30 Ultrasonic Scaler

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  • A simple to use, compact and lightweight scaler
  • A true "perio scaler" that allows scaling below the gum line
  • Accepts the new, superior 30k inserts as well as the standard 25k inserts
  • Autotuning zeroes in on an insert's natural resonance, producing better and more consistent spray pattern for a broader spectrum of inserts
  • Power booster system to increase power at any setting
  • Scaler may be adjusted to a "low" power setting for perio work or "full" power setting for scaling above the gums with excellent cavitation and spraying patterns
  • Has detachable, heat resistant handpiece sheath which twists off for autoclaving
  • Includes: Unit, Handpiece sheath, # 3 & # 10 25K inserts, Perio
  • Optional: Water sources: