Supera M4000 Table Top Anesthesia Machine with Rebreathing System

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  • 10 Year Warranty (Compare to Matrx with only 36 months and Anesco/SurgiVet with 24 months)
  • CO2 Absorber with pressure gauge, quick and easy change "One Seal" canister
  • Single Silicone gasket lasts 4-5 years (Compare to Anesco/SurgiVet and Matrx which use dual rubber gaskets requiring replacement every 12-18 months at over $50 per gasket set). Silicone gaskets save maintenance and more than $200 over 5 years.
  • Oxygen flush with a 30 Lpm safety restrictor helps prevent over-inflation of patients lungs
  • A state-of-the-art system with a longer warranty, less frequent maintenance, lower maintenance costs, and costs less. Why would you purchase Matrx or Anesco/SurgiVet?
  • 0-4 Lpm oxygen flowmeter with mechanical stop control
  • Quick disconnect for non-rebreathing system
  • Inlet and outlet adapters for vaporizer
  • 19 mm enclosed pop-off valve
  • Syringe holder (holds 12cc syringe for inflating E/T cuffs)
  • Includes Adult & pediatric Unilimb rebreathing circuit, Non-rebreathing system with 1 liter bag and 500cc, 1, 2, 3 liter rebreathing bags
  • System pictured shows optional vaporizer
  • Building a new facility? Ask about a complete built-in Oxygen, Medical Suction and Waste Gas Evacuation System.
  • Ask your apexx Equipment Consultant about adding a Leading Edge Vital Signs Monitor to your new Anesthesia System to create a plug-n-play Surgical Monitoring System
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