TidalGuard SP Mainstream Capnograph/Pulse Oximeter

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  • CO2 / SpO2 / Resp / Pulse
  • Provides critical information during anesthesia, e.g., depth of anesthesia, cardiac output and perfusion, reliable respiration, etc.
  • Self-calibrating, solid state EtCO2 sensor
  • Diagnostic CO2 waveform
  • Adjustable alarm limits for all four parameters
  • 24-hour trending memory
  • 30-minute on-screen graphic trend available in trend or tabular mode
  • Visual and audible “No Respiration” alert provides for a higher level of patient safety
  • 4.5-hour rechargeable battery
  • Display is visible in any lighting condition-from total darkness to bright lighting
  • Weighs just 28 ounces
  • Includes: AC power supply, Protective Boot, CO2 Sensor, Airway Adapter, and Y-Clip Lingual Sensor