U50 VET Portable Veterinary Ultrasound System

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Does more. Costs less.
  • Portable Veterinary Ultrasound with built-in Lithium-Ion battery
  • Color Flow Doppler imaging
  • Pulse Wave Doppler for Cardiac diagnostics
  • Power (Directional Power) Doppler Imaging
  • Imaging modes: B, B+B, 4B, B+M, M, and PW
  • Multi-Beam Forming
  • Phased Inversion Harmonic Compound Imaging
  • Speckle Resistance Imaging
  • Spatial Compounding Imaging
  • Multi-frequency transducer series (2.0MHz - 10.0MHz)
  • 12.1" high-resolution LCD monitor
  • Two transducer connectors
  • Two USB ports support storage, transferring and printing
  • 504MB permanent image storage capacity
  • 256-frame cine loop memory
  • THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging)
  • TSI (Tissue Specific Imaging)
  • IP (Image Processing) function
  • Full QWERTY backlit keyboard
  • Two hours of battery-powered operation
  • Accessory ready: Printer or secondary monitor
  • Optional: 500GB image storage capacity
  • Optional: Sony B&W video printer ($1995)
  • Optional: Mobile Trolley, 18"W x 28"D x 36"H, 4" Casters with brakes, Drawer and Printer holder ($1295)
  • Optional: Storage/Transport case (Telescoping handle, casters) ($299)
  • Optional: DICOM 3.0 ($950)
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