Trade Your Equipment

Three simple steps to start the trade-in process:

  • Open an Equipment for Sale Inventory Sheet (a new window will open) to provide information about what you’d like to trade.
    If you have more than one item to trade, please print multiple copies of this form and complete one sheet for each unique piece of equipment.

  • Please complete all information requested so we can provide an accurate assessment of your equipment.
  • Fax your completed form(s) to the apexx Acquisitions Department at: 1-720-294-1479

  • Send digital pictures of the equipment you would like to trade to the following email address:
    This will potentially increase the value of your equipment, improve the accuracy of our assessment and help expedite the process.

Upon receipt of your information, apexx will assess the value and marketability of your equipment based on the information you provide.

Please be patient to receive a reply. We receive information on hundreds of pieces of equipment each month. If you haven’t received a reply from us within a week of sending your equipment information, please call us at 1-720-200-0124.

Ready to ship your equipment for trade-in?

If you are ready to ship your equipment for safe transit, please read our Packaging Guidelines.

apexx strongly recommends FedEx for shipping because…

  • Best care in package handling
  • Honest & rapid claim management
  • Dependable delivery times

You are responsible for thorough packaging of your equipment to protect it from standard shipper’s abuse during transit. apexx is not responsible for damage during transit due to inadequate packaging.

Still have questions? Contact the apexx Acquisitions Department at 1-720-200-0124