Consign Your Equipment

If you want to maximize your return on selling your equipment, consider our Consignment Program. If your equipment is in very good to excellent condition, has all the original accessories, you’ll get the best return on your equipment sale by sharing the risk with apexx. Our Acquisitions Department will consult with you regarding the FMV (Fair Market Value) of your equipment and you get to set the selling price.

Let apexx do the work of selling your equipment while you make money seeing patients. apexx will do the following:

  • Certify your equipment to original manufacturer’s specifications (work will be performed by Biomedical Engineers or Technicians)
  • Put our standard 90-day Warranty on your equipment
  • List your equipment on this website and advise our Equipment Consultants of your equipment’s availability
  • Talk with potential buyers about your equipment and eliminate tire-kickers
  • Negotiate the final sale
  • Collect the buyer’s payment
  • Detail, package and ship your equipment to the new buyer
  • Mail you a check for 70% of the final selling price, less costs
apexx Consignment Program Details
Equipment Transportation

The most critical step of the transaction is getting your equipment to apexx in its current, undamaged condition. You are responsible for the costs of packaging and transportation of your equipment. If you have any doubt about packaging protection, always over-package, anticipating that the box will need to withstand a drop of 3-5 feet. (Click here for apexx’s packaging guidelines and suggestions.)

Always purchase insurance from your carrier of choice to protect you from loss or damage. You may use one of apexx’s carriers and be billed for the transportation. This requires a completed Equipment Packaging.

Because apexx did not package your item, whether you use your shipper or one of our carriers, apexx will not be responsible for damage if the carrier’s inspector determines that the damage sustained was a result of inadequate packaging. For the safest, most reliable transportation of your equipment, we recommend FedEx or FedEx Ground. (Use UPS or USPS only as a last resort)


To enter our Consignment Program, a $75 Evaluation and Processing Fee is required. Within the evaluation, our Biomedical Department will test and confirm your equipment’s operational status, including an electrical safety check. If your equipment is in very good to excellent condition, has all the original accessories and your equipment is certifiable without any additional time or parts expense, this will be your only expense for entry into our Consignment Program. If additional parts or labor is required to bring your equipment to original manufacturer’s specification, apexx will share the estimated costs with you, at which time you can either accept or decline the repairs. If you decline the repairs and wish not to proceed with Consignment, apexx will package and ship the item back to you at your expense.

Selling Price and Negotiations

Our Acquisitions Department will consult with you regarding the FMV (Fair Market Value) of your equipment. You may adjust the selling price up or down apexx will contact you with any offers below the selling price you’ve established, for your consideration.

Costs you're responsible for

Certification to original manufacturer’s specification and cost to replace any malfunctioning or missing accessories. Packaging costs, freight costs and loss/damage insurance. A $75 Evaluation & Processing Fee will apply to all consignments. All costs for any parts and additional labor will be billed at $95/hour ($150/hour for x-ray, ultrasound and laser equipment) to recondition your equipment to original manufacturer’s specification.

Costs apexx is responsible for

apexx will assume all costs and risks of failure of equipment during our Pre-Owned Certified 90-day Warranty All risks associated with the buyer’s misuse or abuse during or after our 90-day Warranty Advertising, marketing and listing your equipment on this website Time with potential buyers talking about your equipment, eliminating tire-kickers Negotiating the final sale Collecting the buyer’s payment Sales Commissions Detailing (cleaning). In some cases, if the equipment you send us requires additional cleaning for it to be in an acceptable condition for the new buyer (just like you would expect if you were buying it) we may need to add a Detailing fee, subject to the how dirty the item was when we received it and the size of the item Professional packaging and shipment of your equipment to the new buyer (Loss/Damage insurance included)


When your equipment sells, you’ll receive a check for 70% of the final selling price, less your costs as outlined above

Consignment Bonus

Increase your leverage with our Consignment Bonus. Receive a 10% Bonus by applying the proceeds from your sale toward any New or apexx Pre-Owned Certified Equipment purchase or keep it on account for a future purchase.

Example: When your Consignment item sells, let’s say you have $1000 (after all costs are deducted). Purchase any New or apexx Pre-Owned Certified Equipment or keep the money on account and apexx will add 10% to the amount due you, giving you a total of $1100 to spend now, or to keep on account for a future equipment purchase!

To Get Started...

We’ll need some information about what you’d like to Consign. Open an Equipment for Sale Inventory Sheet. If you have more than one item to Consign, please print multiple copies of this form and complete one sheet for each unique piece of equipment. Please complete all information requested so we can provide an accurate assessment of your equipment.

Fax your completed forms to the apexx Acquisitions Department at: 1-720-294-1479

Upon receipt of your information, apexx will assess the value and marketability of your equipment based on the information you provide.

Digital pictures will potentially increase the value of your equipment, improve the accuracy of our assessment and help expedite the process. Please send digital pictures of the equipment you’d like to Consign to:

Please be patient to receive a reply. We receive information on hundreds of pieces of equipment each month. If you haven’t received a reply from us within a week of sending your equipment information, please call.

Click on the following link for comprehensive information how to package your equipment for safe transit.

Packaging Guidelines.

apexx recommends FedEx:

  • Best care in package handling
  • Honest & rapid claim management
  • Dependable delivery times

You are responsible for thorough packaging of your equipment to protect from standard shipper’s abuse during transit. (apexx is not responsible for damage during transit due to inadequate packaging).