Trade-in Veterinary Equipment

Do you have excess or unused veterinary equipment? Would you like to trade it in for a new piece of veterinary equipment that you want, or just sell it for fair market value?

As a part of our full-service apexx360 offering, apexx can help! Our veterinary equipment Trade-in and veterinary equipment Consignment programs can help you receive fair market value for your excess or unused veterinary equipment. You’ll also save time and resources with cash from your existing veterinary equipment to get new veterinary equipment or just help your bottom line. Whether it’s one piece of excess or unused veterinary equipment or an entire hospital full, we can turn it into cash or value to purchase new.

Three Easy Options
  • Veterinary Equipment Trade-In

    If you have your eye on a new piece of veterinary equipment or you want to upgrade your existing veterinary equipment, but your budget is falling a bit short, our vet equipment trade-in program is right for you. An apexx Equipment Consultant will work with you to determine the value of your trade-in and work within your budget to find the perfect piece of veterinary equipment for your practice. Our veterinary equipment trade-in program vastly reduces your out-of-pocket expense and returns maximum value from your excess or unused veterinary equipment!

    Learn more about our Trade-In Program here.


  • Veterinary Equipment Consignment

    If you have veterinary equipment in very good to excellent condition with all of its original accessories, you can get maximum value for it with our veterinary equipment Consignment Program without the unnecessary hassle of dealing with eBay or other “tire kickers” on your own. You set the sale price with our expert advice, and we will do the rest of the work for you. Spend your time doing what you do best – providing patient care– while we do what we do best.

    Get started with our Consignment Program today!


  • Veterinary Equipment Selling

    If you don’t want to trade-in your excess or unused veterinary equipment or put it up for consignment, you can still make a profit by selling your veterinary equipment to apexx. You can sell one piece or multiple pieces of excess or unused veterinary equipment.

    Learn more about our Sell Your Veterinary Equipment Program here.


How much is my veterinary equipment worth

Find out how much a piece of your excess or unused veterinary equipment may be worth:

Trade-in Value Ranges

Open the Veterinary Equipment for Sale Inventory Document. If you have more than one item to trade, consign or sell, please print multiple copies of this form and complete one sheet for each unique piece of veterinary equipment. Please complete all information requested so we can provide an accurate assessment of your veterinary equipment. Fax your completed forms to the apexx Acquisitions Department at: 1-720-294-1479.
In addition to the Veterinary Equipment for Sale Inventory Document, please send digital pictures of your veterinary equipment to:

Earn Money and Save Time with apexx’s Vet Equipment Trade-In Options

Ask an apexx Equipment Consultant for more information, and let our veterinary equipment consignment and veterinary equipment trade-in programs go to work for you!

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