The apexx Veterinary Equipment Repair Process

Step 1

Contact an apexx Equipment Consultant or fill out the online form with information about specific piece(s) of equipment that need repair.

Step 2

Ship your equipment to us.

Step 3

apexx will perform an initial diagnosis and complete an estimate for complete veterinary equipment repair.

Step 4

Upon approval of the cost estimate, apexx will repair your equipment and ship it back to you.


The length of the entire process varies, but is generally around 4 weeks in total. That includes the time in transit, which is typically one week to ship to apexx and 4-5 business days to ship back to you. There are many variables that affect turnaround time, but apexx is committed to keeping the process as short as possible so you get your repaired equipment back in no time.

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Need a rental? apexx has a limited number of rental units available for many makes and models. Contact an Equipment Consultant for details.

Saving Veterinarians money by extending the useful life of their equipment.

Evaluations and repairs are performed by apexx’s Certified Biomedical Engineers and Technicians.

Call 1.800.211.0036 to visit with one of our Equipment Consultants or complete the short form below and click “Submit Your Repair”

Repair Form

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Trust in apexx’s Veterinary Equipment Repair Warranty

With each repair, you’ll receive a 90-day “bumper-to-bumper” parts & labor warranty – not simply a warranty on the work we perform, but a warranty on every part of the equipment. apexx performs a complete system verification and certification to original manufacturer’s specifications as a part of our veterinary equipment service and repair. That’s added value and added confidence!

Consider the advantage of apexx’s veterinary equipment repair program. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on new equipment, you can use our veterinary IV poles repair or veterinary IV pump repair to get you up and running for a fraction of the cost. Other veterinary equipment companies will simply sell you new veterinary equipment. apexx will save you money and time with our veterinary equipment service and repair.

Next time you’re faced with a failing ultrasound machine or veterinary pulse oximeter, repair it rather than throw it away. You’ll be glad you did!

What is the cost for the evaluation/repair?

For a standard Evaluation Fee of $75.00 ($150.00 for x-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy and laser equipment) apexx provides an initial diagnosis and a complete estimate to repair your equipment. The actual cost to repair your equipment depends on the condition of your equipment and the total cost of parts and labor to bring your equipment to original manufacturer’s specifications.

How long will the Evaluation/Repair take?

From the time you ship your equipment until it arrives back, the average turnaround time is 4 weeks. There are many variables that affect turnaround time, however nearly half of the time is consumed in transit alone. Transit of your equipment to apexx will take approximately one week and returning back to you will take another 4-5 business days.

What happens if I decline to have the equipment repaired?

For a reasonable return shipping and handling fee, your equipment will be re-packaged and returned to you in the same condition as it was received.

Is there a warranty?

All completed repairs include a 90-day bumper-to-bumper Parts & Labor Warranty. Compare this to other “repair” companies that warranty only the parts they replace. apexx performs a complete system verification and certification to original manufacturer’s specifications.

Are Rental units available?

Rental units are available on a limited basis. A model identical to the equipment being evaluated/repaired is not guaranteed. You are responsible for professional repackaging and round-trip freight of Rental equipment. An apexx Veterinary Equipment Consultant can provide more information regarding availability and fees.

How do I package my equipment for shipping?

apexx recommends FedEx:

  • Best care in package handling
  • Honest & rapid claim management
  • Dependable delivery times

You are responsible for thorough packaging of your equipment to protect from standard shipper’s abuse during transit. (apexx is not responsible for damage during transit due to inadequate packaging).

I don't have time or adequate packaging materials.

apexx can make it easy. Use EZ Ship

What is EZ Ship?

For one low price, we’ll ship to you a custom box with custom packaging specifically for the equipment being transported. We’ll even include a completed return shipping label. Simply place your equipment in the box/container, seal/close the box/container and call us. apexx will schedule pick up with our carrier. Insurance for full replacement value in the case of loss or damage is included in the EZ Ship price. (EZ Ship is not available for all pieces of equipment)

What should I include in the box with my equipment?
  1. All accessories and parts used in every day, normal operation. All accessories are required so that a complete evaluation may be performed to reproduce the symptoms you’ve identified. Without a complete system including all parts and accessories, we may not be able to isolate the problem or reproduce the error, delaying the initial evaluation
  2. Your contact information (business card or letterhead)
  3. A brief description of your equipment’s symptoms
What shipper should I use to ship my equipment?

We recommend FedEx or FedEx Ground for best care and service. Use USPS and UPS only as a last resort. Whomever you choose to ship your equipment, we recommend you insure the package for full replacement value in the case of loss or damage.

Where do I ship my equipment?

Repair Center
apexx Veterinary Equipment
14 Inverness Drive East, Suite C-124
Englewood, CO 80112