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Turn-Key Veterinary Hospital Equipment Start Up Package

apexx can make opening a new clinic or hospital simple and easy. Opening a new veterinary hospital can be overwhelming. Veterinarians are faced with a multitude of decisions, including everything from what color to paint the walls to what equipment to invest in. Our Veterinary Hospital Equipment Start Up Package gives you everything you need for your new veterinary hospital … in one complete package, ready to ship! Check out our Veterinary Hospital Equipment Start Up Package to get your new hospital up and running in no time.

Hospital Equipment Start Up Package

You can choose a simple start-up package, or build your own package piece by piece with new equipment and/or apexx Pre-Owned Certified equipment. When you invest in veterinary equipment packages, you save money by:

  • Enjoying substantial discounts for purchasing veterinary equipment packages
  • Choosing between New and apexx Pre-Owned Certified equipment
  • Equipping your clinic with exactly what you want
  • Investing in high-quality equipment that you can rely on to perform for many years
Build Your Practice Piece by Piece with Our Expert Help

Your practice is unique. Our vet equipment package deals can be customized down to the smallest thermometer. At apexx, we specialize in consultation, and we will ensure you have every piece of vet equipment your practice wants. Veterinary equipment is what we do. We know the right questions to ask and we know the advantages of each manufacturer and model of equipment we offer.

Getting started is easy. Contact an Equipment Consultant today to get started, or check out the tools below.

Enjoy Peace of Mind and Cost Savings with Veterinary Equipment Packages from apexx

With apexx, you can choose from a variety of veterinary equipment packages that give you everything you need right from the beginning, or a great deal on equipment you want for an expanding practice. We have out-of-the-box solutions, or customized answers that are specifically tailored to your objectives. We make equipment buying simple.


Vet equipment package deals save you money and time. Best of all, you can trust that you have the quality of equipment you want, backed by our responsive support, to provide your patients the best possible veterinary care.