apexx TT Endoscopic Positioner

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 You know the benefits of Laparoscopy. Add the TT Endoscopic Positioner to your Surgical Suite to make the procedures you already perform, easier and faster!  
  • The New TT Endoscopic Positioner makes laparoscopic visualization easier than ever. A patient secured to the TT may be rotated left or right without delays in surgical time and without disruption of the sterile field. The rotation causes major abdominal organs to fall away from the body wall, leaving the ovary in plain view and ready for removal. Tearing of the ovarian pedicle is not required.
  • Facilitates quick rotation of patient without disrupting the sterile surgical field
  • Provides easy visualization of the dorsal abdominal organs
  • Enables Veterinarians with minimal laparoscopy experience to complete laparoscopic assisted OHE within 15-20 minutes
  • Versatile design attaches to existing surgery tables and accommodates any size patient
  • Durable design and material make the TT long-lasting, easy to clean, and less likely to harbor bacteria
  • TT's total height: 12"
  • TT's total length: 18"W x 56"L (including headrest)
  • TT's footprint: 18"W x 40"L
  • Includes: patient tie-down straps
  • Includes: straps and rubberized hooks to secure TT to your existing surgery table
  Designed specifically to make these procedures faster and easier:
  • Laparoscopy:Ovariohysterectomy (OHE), Ovariectomy, Cryptorchid, Abdominal exploration, Kidney biopsies
  • Thoracoscopy:Pericardial sections, Pericardial windows, PDA