Engler ADS 2000 Anesthesia Delivery System

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Engler ADS 2000 Anesthesia Delivery System
  • Completely changes the way anesthesia and ventilation therapy is administered to veterinary patients. With the knowledge that the patient is always breathing, the veterinary practitioner can completely focus on the procedure at hand without distraction
  • Microprocessor controlled anesthesia delivery system / positive pressure ventilator
  • Automatic Safety Self Diagnostic Test
  • Blue LCD screen. Displays the minute number, Inspiratory time, Flow rate, Breaths per minute, Peak inspiratory pressure and Assist vacuum number
  • Internal, up to 12 hour emergency battery backup
  • Advanced way of delivering anesthesia which enhances safety while in surgery
  • Digital Processing
  • EMC resistant
  • On the fly tidal and volume display
  • Includes a complete accessory kit