Engler Drill-Aire High Speed Drill

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  • Proudly Manufactured and Serviced in the USA
  • 360,000 RPM High Speed Drill
  • 3-Way Air Water Syringe
  • Easily Connects to a nitrogen tank
  • Speed control foot pedal
  • Wall-mount design
  • Optional mobile stand
  • Lifetime loaner service
  • Dimensions of control unit: 9"W x 7"D x 4"H
  Comes equipped with:
  • 360,000 RPM variable high speed handpiece
  • 3-way air water syringe
  • Foot pedal control
  • Optional: Diamond and Carbide burs (1.6mm)
  • Optional: Compressor
  • Optional: Wall-mounted retractable arm
  • Optional: Adjustable stand
  • Optional: 1 gallon water bottle
  • Optional: Nitrogen regulator
  • Optional: Air regulator