Medical Illuminations MI-550 LED Examination Light

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  • All MI Series lights incorporate a special front diffuser lens system that individually re-directs each beam into a single, coherent, even light field
  • Two-stage adjustable intensity
  • Sterilizable handle for positioning and selecting On/Off and dimming levels
  • Near-zero heat from both light beam and light head housing
  • 4,300° K pure white illumination, (55,000lux) at 24" distance
  • 50,000 hour-rated LED life
  • Superior shadow control
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 97
  • Whiter, more color-correct light than halogen exam lights
  • High efficiency with half the electric consumption of standard halogen lights
  • Compact head design and new suspension arm and mounting system allows increased reach, motion and flexibility
  • Lower overall maintenance costs due to long-lasting LEDs™
  • No replacement bulbs or fuses necessary
  • Optional: Wide array of mounts for ultimate flexibility. Available in wallmobile, and single and dual ceiling models. Ask your apexx Veterinary Equipment Consultant for more information. To receive correct mounting hardware, please provide your ceiling height when placing your order