Regal Stainless Steel Cage Arrangement from Suburban Surgical

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  • Regal cages are available in more sizes than other cages, more sizes allow you to create ideal cage arrangement(s) for your facility. Regal cages are also available in various types, standard, full-view back, front and back door, and heated, to fulfill the requirements for various areas in your facility. Some types of Regal cages can be combined in the same cage arrangement(s) for more flexibility. Better yet, if your needs or available space change, the arrangement can be added to or rearranged to fit the new requirements.
  • You can even reverse the doors to open the other way if you find it would work better for your needs. And when you add some of our finishing accessories, you'll find that Regal Cages are not only the best, but the most versatile you can buy.
  • Each cage arrangement includes vertical molding strips and bolt-on corner plates made of heavy 14-gauge stainless steel designed to give the entire arrangement structural integrity with a finished appearance. The lower edge of the front of each cage overlaps the top of the cage below or the mounting base to insure that no liquids seep between the cages.
  • Cages may be mounted on a SSCI stainless steel Base with or without casters, or on your wooden or concrete platform.
  • 8-Foot, 9-Cage Arrangement Includes:
    • Top: Four 24"W x 24"H Cages
    • Middle: Two 36"W x 30"H Cages & One 24"W x 30"H Cage
    • Bottom: Two 48"W x 30"H Double Door Cages
  • The beauty of our Regal Cages is that the arrangement possibilities are endless. Call your apexx Equipment Consultant to help you create the perfect arrangement of cage styles and sizes that's ideal for your facility
  • Finishing options are available to give your cage arrangements a finished appearance and greater versatility. Call your apexx Equipment Consultant for more information
  • For discounted pricing on these and the full line of Suburban products, call your apexx Equipment Consultant

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